Photo of the Week: Halloween!


Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you have a spooktacular day!

This year my friends and I dressed up as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I would say it was a big success. They definitely looked home made, but that is what makes them so awesome. The costumes came complete with cardboard “shells” that I had painted last minute. You can sort of see mine on my back. I dressed up as Leonardo, the one in blue.

Halloween is definitely a North American tradition. It has spread over the ocean to Europe, but it is not as prevalent. It almost seems like it is for those in their 20s – an excuse to get dressed up and act crazy. No kids going door to door getting candy at all.

In fact, it is the day after that is more important in Hungary. November 1 is All Saint’s Day. To observe this day, Hungarians make a trip to the cemetery to honour those who have passed. Because of this, November 1 is a holiday (hurray! No work!). Hungary also has this law that whenever a holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, workers receive the corresponding Monday or Friday as a holiday as well (hurray! Long weekend!) But its not all fun – the government usually designates one Saturday of the month as a working day to make up for the missed day at work.