Photo of the Week: Blaha Lujza Ter

2011-08-09 17.21.37

Blaha Lujza Ter is a metro stop along Metro Line 2 or the red line. It is the closest metro stop to my flat. It is also a tram stop of the 4 and 6 lines which runs along the Grand Boulevard in Budapest, surrounding the centre of the city. There is a constant flow of people as they come and go, making their connections. The square is lined with shops, supermarkets and restaurants. I probably come here at least once a day for various reasons.

The square is named for Lujza Blaha, a Hungarian actress and singer, who is known as the “nightingale of the nation.” The Hungarian National Theatre once stood on this square and was where she sang in operas, operettas and acted in plays. The National Theatre was demolished in the 60s, citing metro line construction as the reason. Where the theatre once stood, is now an entrance to the underground and a small park of sorts where you’ll find homeless and commuters alike.

Birds eye view.