Photo of the Week: Milka Choco Jaffa


The first time I tried the Milka ChocoJaffa, I was not impressed at all. I don’t like jam and jelly was just too close to jam. I gave them a second chance and now, I’m obsessed. I could easily finish a pack of these in a day, they’re so good.

They come in a variety of flavours: Orange Jelly, Chocolate Mousse, Toffee Mousse, and my favourite the Raspberry Jelly. The bottom is a soft biscuit / cookie. Actually, I wouldn’t call it a cookie. Its more like a firm cake. There is a bubble of raspberry jelly and then its finished by a thin coating of Milka’s alpine chocolate. Deliciousness!

There are other brands that do similar things, but the Milka one is the best. The chocolate makes all the difference.