Today marks exactly 2 months before the end of my contract in Hungary and 2.5 months before I fly home. Its weird to think that shortly I’ll be heading back to Vancouver and to Canada. I don’t even know how to prepare myself for this.

Going home is the most logical move for me. I haven’t been home since I left and I miss home. I haven’t seen my family in forever, with the exception of my brother. Plus, I desperately need to stuff myself with sushi, dim sum, bubble tea and any form of Chinese food.

I’ve started a list of things that I want to see and do before I leave Budapest:

  • Go to the zoo
  • Visit Eger and Pécs
  • Tour the inside of the Synagogue
  • Visit Serbia (country #25!!)
  • See St. Stephen’s hand inside the Basilica
  • Invisible Exhibition
  • Visit the Chinese market in 8th district
  • See Budapest from the water

I’ll probably be adding to this list as we go on, but here’s to being a touristy in my own city (finally!)