Scavenger Hunting Around Budapest

As I mentioned previously, this past weekend, I went on a scavenger hunt with SELTI. Together with the head teacher, we put together a list of things teams had to complete on the hunt. Some items were things people had to do, others required you to go there and snap a photo. The team with the most points won.

Because I put together the list of things to find or do, I wasn’t eligible to win, but I still wanted to participate. I love scavenger hunts! We had really bad timing though – we managed to organize the hunt just when summer was kicking in. Imaging running around in 30C+ degree weather in the middle of the day. Not so fun. By the end of the day, I was utter exhausted. But it was such a fun day! I discovered some new things and rediscovered old places. I’m constantly surprising myself at how well I know the city (at least the tourist sites!).

Every photo you took needed at least a team member in the photo which is why I’m in a lot of these photos. We started off the day at Hero’s Square where we were looking for statues of men on horses (and a man under a horse!). Hover over the photos for my comments on the photo.

Hero's Square Budapest

Hero's Square Budapest

Then it was off into Városliget (City Park) in search of a statue hidden in the shadows of a castle, but first, an encounter with a boat.



Then to the center of the city: Deak Ferenc Ter.

Deak Ference Ter

synagogue Budapest

Then up to the castle district, before going to the Cogwheel Railway.

Buda Castle

Our final stop? Parliament to do some cartwheels and a quick visit to the only Communist statue remaining outside Memento Park.

Budapest Parliament

Szabadság tér Liberty Square

In the end, we collected 93 points. Not bad for running around in the heat for 3 hours. I’ve learned a little more about the city and it was a fun afternoon spent outside. Till next year!