Global Leaders’ Summit 2012

As I have previously mentioned, I joined the Congress Committee team for Global Leaders’ Summit 2012 (formerly International President’s Meeting) for AIESEC as the social media manager. The conference officially runs February 15 – February 24, but there is a Pre-Meeting on the 13th and 14th.

I’m currently writing from the beginning of Day 2 of the Pre-Meeting. This being my first international conference has been really interesting. Its the same model as conferences back home, but just on an international scale. Its cool to see so many people who are so passionate about their countries and about AIESEC. Some of these individuals have such an international experience. They were local members in one country, joined a national team in one country and then ran as the president of another country.

My culture shock about how much Hungarian is used is not as bad as before. I expected the use of Hungarian and I feel like most of the Congress Committee members are making a conscious effort to include non Hungarian speakers into their conversations.

To follow along with what’s happening check out the livestream or follow the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #GLS2012.