Welcome Package!

As a gift from the Local Committee (LC) here, I received a welcome package that consisted of some local wine and some chocolate. I have yet to try the wine, but the chocolate is pretty delicious. Its milk chocolate with a hint of hazelnut in it – love it! I was suppose to get a map, but they forgot to give me one. I’m too scared to venture too far off the beaten track without it!

I also went to the AIESEC office which is located right by the water in a more “touristy” area of the city. Its right next to the famous market people always photograph when visiting Budapest.

The school building where the AIESEC office is located

Their office is HUGE! As with all the buildings in the city, they have high ceilings – to a point they built a gallery over a third of the room and have a lounge area with couches. They have a mini kitchen with a fridge and I think microwave. And a row of computers! At least 5 for the use of their AIESEC members. All throughout yesterday, we popped in and out of the office and it was never empty. There was always someone there dong AIESEC work or just lounging and eating.

I used one of their keyboards and I was surprised to see that they had their own layout. I just never thought about it. The most annoying aspect was that the Y and Z had switched places. I guess Hungarians used the letter Z more than the letter Y.