Youth Forum Promotion Video

Since I signed up to help with the planning of the Global Leaders’ Summit 2012, I’ve been given the opportunity to some pretty unusual things. I think the most unusual was being the “voice” in a promo video. Did you know? I moonlight as a voice over actor in the evenings.

It was a pretty cool experience. I never really thought too much about the ups and downs of tone when speaking, where to put pauses and where to put stress. When you don’t have gestures or facial expressions to go along with it, your voice becomes so much more. It was definitely an interesting experience and I wouldn’t mind doing it again. It was fun.

Check out the video here:

The Youth Forum, presented by AIESEC Hungary, is the platform for you to bridge the gap between youth and business. Over 250 youth leaders from 110 countries and over 30 corporate executives will meet, define and approach issues affecting society and business today.

Attend panels on corporate social responsibility, leadership and innovation, or participate in workshops to get a glimpse into work life after graduation. Get the opportunity to go head to head with the business leaders of today and make your opinions and ideas heard.

The one day Youth Forum will be held at Corvinus University of Budapest on Wednesday February 15th.

Registration closes on February 12th. Sign up today to secure your spot.