Photo of the Week: Airport

2011-11-01 16.09.50

For the past few days I was away from Budapest, instead, visiting Berlin, Germany. Berlin was amazing. It was such a great experience. In many ways it was like going home, only everything is in German. The city is very young and vibrant. Plus it has a massive international community and is very liberal. In some parts of the city when walking around, I felt like I was walking down Robson St in Vancouver.

I have a series of posts about my time in Berlin which I will post in the following days. For now, I’ll write about the Budapest airport. The airport has two terminals. When I arrived from Vancouver, I was in the international terminal, but when I flew to Berlin it was from their budget airline airport.

When flying on budget airlines usually the gates are not like normal gates where you walk right up to the plane from inside the airport. Instead, you walk on the tarmac and go up the steps to the plane. Sometimes if the plane is further away, there is a bus. The Budapest airport was a bit ridiculous though. The plane was right there, and yet they still had a bus take you to the plane. It would have been faster to walk instead of taking the bus ride (which really just meant they drove around the plane).

Adelina’s note: Internet is a mysterious thing in Budapest. I had no connection at home or at work all of yesterday, but now things are fine.