Photo of the Week: Eating Out

2011-09-09 21.22.14

This past weekend I had visitors come into town from home. They were friends of my father from high school. I’m in awe that they have stayed in contact so many years down the road. Definitely a foundation for a solid friendship. I’ve never met them or if I have, I was very young.

It was nice to be able to show off my city to those that have never been here before. Its surprising exactly how much I have learned about this city in the short time that I’ve been here. There is definitely a lot more to be learned, but I’ve picked up a lot already too.

They wanted to try authentic Hungarian food so I took them out to a restaurant that a friend had recommended to me. Above is what I ate for the night: pork medallion served with fries. I wish I knew what the sauce was, but the menu wasn’t very descriptive in Hungarian.

Over this weekend, I spoke more Chinese than I have in the past 3 months. It was so strange to be hearing and communicating in it. It made me miss home a bit, but it also makes me excited for when my parents come to visit. By then I’ll know even more about this city and can show it off with pride. Hit the more button to see what else I ate this weekend!

2011-09-11 21.11.03

Starter plate of cold cuts: salami, ham, assorted veggies and spreadable cheese

2011-09-11 21.11.12Goulash served in a tin bowl. Strange.

2011-09-11 21.39.11(Spicy) Fried chicken stuffed with paprika, pepperoni, tomato and cheese