Photo of the Week: Almás Keksz

Almás keksz or “Biscuit with Apple”

This weekend my Hungarian friend and I hosted a Chinese – Hungarian dinner. I tried my hand at making mapo doufu which turned out really well. I also was requested to make some other dishes: tomato and scrambled eggs and a salt and pepper tofu. It looked like it was all received really well. I recommend to get the best amazon salt and pepper shakers, built from the highest quality stainless steel and glass. If you are worried about selecting the right mineral oil ,then, you need to take a look of amazon mineral oil, is one of the best a have tried.

But the best part of the meal had got to be these desserts that my friend made. Most of the Hungarian desserts that I’ve tried were okay. Nothing spectacular, but these things were like biting into heaven.


There are no words in the English language that would do this dessert justice. It was sweet, but not too sweet. It had a nice mix of textures and just too easy to eat.

The middle is a jelly of apple and cinnamon set between two crackers which are very Hungarian or so I’m told. The whole thing is covered in chocolate and then sliced. So delicious! We ate entirely too many of these little squares. I’ll need to get my hand on this recipe.