The Trip that Almost Was

I should be writing this entry from a beach in Croatia, soaking in the sun and the heat, but I’m not. Instead, I’m sitting in bed trying to find the most comfortable position that doesn’t anger my back or put too much pressure on my stomach. Why? Because, apparently I have some sort of infection in my abdomen, but the doctor isn’t exactly sure what it is that I have.

It all started on Sunday evening. I was coming home from a wedding in the Southeast part of Hungary (more about this later) and  when we started approaching Budapest, I realized I wasn’t feeling so great. By the time I got home, I knew something was wrong. I was feeling extremely flushed, dizzy and lightheaded. I thought that maybe it was my blood sugar based on previous experience, but eventually I figured out it was probably a fever. When I took my temperature, it was at 38.8. Definitely a fever. I had spent the majority of the day in the heat and under the sun so I figured it was probably a result of that. I put myself in bed, took an anti-inflammatory pill, rearranged my schedule for the next day and hoped that it would go away the next day.

Nope, it didn’t. My fever returned the next morning and lasted the majority of the day. By late afternoon, it had calmed down, only to return in full force right before I slept at night. That night was miserable – I barely slept. The next morning I made an appointment and went to go see a doctor. A couple tests later and I have a bit of a diagnosis. They’re not exactly sure what exactly it is that I have, and have sent samples to other labs for analysis.

The antibiotics that I’ve been prescribed don’t seem to be doing anything yet and I’m still in constant pain. None of the pain killers do anything. The good thing is I don’t have a fever anymore! Just general tiredness, dizziness and light-headedness. I’ll be headed back to the doctor tomorrow for a follow up.

But for now, I can only pretend that I’m sinking my toes into the sandy beaches of Croatia. There are still many weeks of summer left though so the trip will happen!