Overheard in Budapest

I overheard two ridiculous conversations today while I was wandering in some shops:

Conversation #1: In a shoe store

Customer: Do you take Euro here?
Cashier: No, only Forint
Customer: Forint? What is Forint?
Cashier and everyone else in the store: …
Customer: Oh! The currency you use here?
Cashier: *stares at the customer*

At that point I had left the store so I’m not sure what happened after that. But seriously? How obnoxious.

Conversation #2: At McDonalds (I wanted ice cream!)

Cashier grabs an ice cream cone and holds it up to the customer
Customer loudly: I want curly fries *points at regular fries on tray*
Cashier continues to hold up the ice cream cone and tries to ask a question
Customer even louder: I want curly fries, not these ones *points to the menu above*
Cashier finally understands what he is pointing at and switches the fries.
Customer’s friends comes to see what the hold up is .
Customer starts complaining loudly about how no one is able to understand him.

No wonder Hungarians don’t like non Hungarian speakers in a customer service setting. All these tourists invade the country in the summer and are so ignorant and rude to everyone.