Heat Wave!

Hungary is in the middle of a heat wave. Temperatures rose to 38 degrees on Monday. According to new sources, a 60+ year old record was broken on Monday in Budapest. Peak temperature measured on this day in 1950 was 35.7C but 37.3C was recorded this year.

Hungarians in general seem to not believe in air conditioning. They think it is the cause of sickness. My office doesn’t have air conditioning either. I just sit in a dark room in front of a fan. That is the best option. This weekend I managed to track down a fan so at least my flat is a little bit more bearable. Otherwise its too hot to sleep at nights.

Even at night there is no relief. The temperature drops, but only to about 25 degrees. Not enough to cool down the building. Its been a couple days already of this ridiculously hot heat and the buildings retain the heat from day to day. Its going to continue at lest for the rest of the week. I’m so looking forward to next week when temperatures are at a much more reasonable 25-28 degrees.