Photo of the Week: Gas Leak!

Last Monday started off as any normal Monday. I woke up, made breakfast and went to work. But when I got home, my flatmate informed me that we had no gas. We couldn’t cook. Strange, but I didn’t think anything of it. Maybe it was down for maintenance. The night before I had smelled some gas in the hallway so maybe they were fixing it.

But when I came home on Tuesday there were signs posted everywhere in the building (below) and there was a big group of people in the courtyard. I don’t really understand a lot of Hungarian without Google Translate, but I knew enough to figure out that this was a meeting about the gas leak.

2012-05-08 18.44.18

What Google Translate tells me is this: “the house has become a deadly gas pipes, it had an extraordinary general meeting will be closed on Tuesday afternoon. The exact start time will be notifying you, in the same way. Until the faulty section are replaced, the szolgáltatés paused. Hopefully, the General Assembly after the restoration takes place as soon as possible. Until then, please, please be patient, because the pipes are in very bad condition, it will temporarily not be turned back.”

I sent this to my landlord and my suspicions were correct. They need to replace our gas pipe as they are very old and not working properly. Someone is coming today to uninstall our current gas meter and we won’t have any gas until May 25th which means we will be without gas for almost 3 weeks.

Its a good thing that a) its not winter (currently its a nice 20ish degrees outside), b) our water is electric (so we still have hot water) and c) our oven works (it too is electric)! I’ve been cooking at work and at friend’s house. Its been interesting, but I guess these things happen when you live in an old building in the centre of a very old city.