Crovenia Road Trip: The Food

When I travel, I like to explore the different culinary aspects of the country and culture that I’m in. Slovenia was no different. I already discussed the different types of alcohol I tried, so now onto the food. Because there were so many of us (10!) we ended up having a lot of meals in the hostel, but we did go out for lunch a couple times.

Dinner on the first night we were in Slovenia was in a restaurant that was recommended on Trip Advisor called Gostilna Sokol. I ordered their Roast Pork with Roast Potatoes which was delicious.

Lunch on Day 3 had to have some sort of seafood. That is all we knew. Fish is difficult to come by in Hungary and is very expensive. After our free walking tour, we found a restaurant that had fish on the menu which we shared. I don’t remember the type of fish anymore, but it was delicious and very fresh.

I also had some spaghetti with salmon shrimp, but the pasta was over cooked and the under seasoned. It was very underwhelming. The gnocchi that I had in Croatia was much better.

On Sundays, everything in Slovenia is closed which makes it difficult to seek out food options. Its even more difficult when you’re not in the capital. We were driving around visiting the Postojna caves and Predjama castle. In the end, we wandered into the city of Postojna to search for food options. We stumbled upon a Chinese restaurant that was open and the lady there actually spoke mandarin. What followed was probably some of the best Chinese food I’ve had since leaving Canada. Who would have known? Delicious Chinese food in the middle of Slovenia.

This is part 6 of a 6 part series on my recent road trip to Croatia and Ljubljana. To read about the rest of my trip, click here.