Links from Around the Web II

I recently watched a documentary called A Map for Saturday and I absolutely loved it. The documentary follows the travels of an American who decides to quit his job and travel the world. He interviews other travelers he meets along the way, asking about their lifestyle and experiences. In so many ways I can relate to the topics discussed in this documentary and I would highly recommend you check it out! Here is the trailer:

A Map for Saturday Trailer

In the documentary, they discuss the downsides of traveling for long periods of time. This article covers the points fairly well and offer suggestions on how to overcome it: How to Deal with the Downsides of Long Term Travel. While I haven’t experienced all of these, I can definitely relate to a number of them – especially about constantly meeting new people and having small talk!

And while you’re doing all that traveling, here are 15 golden rules to live by while traveling the world.

One of my favourite violin pieces growing up was Czardas by Monti. I recently learned that one of the themes in the piece is based off of a Hungarian folk song. Hear it is being played on some glass bottles:

Melody based on a Hungarian folk song

Lonely Planet recently named the 100 great bars of the world. The top two bars are in Budapest: A38 and Szimpla. A38 is on a boat docked on the Danube river and Szimpla is one of the most well known garden bars in Budapest. I’ve been to both and they’re a cool experience.

And in recent news, the Gap Between Rich And Poor Widens In Hungary. Things are starting to look even bleaker for the Hungarian economy.