Class Complete!

Note: I wrote this last week, but forgot to post it

This week I wrapped up one of my classes that I’ve been teaching since I arrived here. Its actually kind of strange to say goodbye. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had a one on one student and we met so many times. Then the relationship is ending.

I’m not sure if what I have taught to her has made any difference. In fact, I feel like I’m a pretty terrible teacher. With advanced students is difficult to see any changes that are being made I feel. They come into the class with a lot of knowledge already and its difficult to see where it starts and ends in order to fill in the missing bits.

When I do teach a good class and feel like I have imparted knowledge it is the best feeling in the world. But most of the time I just have a sneaking suspicion that my students are just laughing at me. Hopefully with this student she has learned something and is able to use it in her work.