Transition Complete!

Yesterday was my first day in the office on my own. My predecessor’s last day was last Friday. Work is starting to really pick up, especially as many schools are preparing for courses to start in September. Requests for teachers are coming in quicker than I can match teachers to jobs. Organized chaos I guess.

Teaching is going well too. I’m starting to get the hang of how to plan lessons effectively, asking questions to get students talking. The worse part for me is when I have to explain grammar to anyone. Or if I have to explain why we say something one way instead of another. I need to brush up on my grammar for sure. And I definitely am giving way more credit to any of my previous language teachers. Teaching a new language is tough!

I’ve also taken on a project to build SELTI’s online awareness through social media, SEO and advertising. While I feel like I’ve read a lot about this type of stuff, putting it into practice is much different! There is no set way of going about it. Its only through trial and error do you figure out exactly what is going on. I’ve set up my first Google Adwords campaign which was pretty cool. I’ve been wanting to try that out for ages.

As each day goes by, I am learning more about what exactly I’m doing. I feel like the role is ever evolving and there is constant change in what I have to do. In many ways, what I do on a day to day basis is quite reactionary to what is developing in the English language industry in Budapest.

I also have a lot of opportunity to make decisions and half the time its guess work – trying something out and seeing if it works. If it doesn’t, then change it. Makes work interesting for sure and definitely a huge learning opportunity.