A Romanian Getaway (Part II)

We had half a day to spend in Cluj before boarding another train back to Budapest. Our first stop of the day was the Botanical Gardens which are supposedly really well known. Everyone kept recommending that we go.


I thought we were just going to walk around a small garden, check out the flowers and plants and then be on our way. But no, these gardens are massive. They seemed to go on and on. There was a Japanese Garden, green houses, and paths leading every which direction.

We went wandering around the city afterwards in search of food. And soon before we knew it, it was time to head back to the train station to begin our journey home. The train ride back seemed so much longer than going there.

Some random things I noticed about Cluj and Romania:

There sure are a lot of brides! On Sunday alone, in the span of 6 hours, we must have seen at least 6 brides. Those were the ones I captured on film. On Saturday there were way more.


Romanian is a much easier language to read compared to Hungarian. Its pretty similar to French. At least the root of the word I can guess.

Their money is really pretty. Its called the lei and its so colourful! If Hawaii had its own currency, I would imagine that it would look like the Romanian Lei. Some parts of the bills are even see through! So cool!!

2011-09-23 10.11.55

The streets are super clean! Especially coming from Budapest. Not even a cigarette butt! The buildings were very colourful.


Cluj has worked its charm on me and I fully enjoyed my weekend there. This was just my first taste of the vast country of Romania. I’ll definitely be back to explore the other areas!