Prague Impressions

Last weekend, while everyone at home was enjoying a nice long weekend, I was off in Prague for a weekend of planning and transition with the SELTI management team. To get there, we took a bus for 7 long hours. Apparently this bus was having technical difficulties so in reality the whole trip took longer than 7 hours. This was probably the most uncomfortable bus ride I’ve ever taken. The day was warm, and apparently the bus company felt it wasn’t important to cool the bus. It was so disgusting.


Prague castle seen from the Charles Bridge

The Czech Republic uses a different currency – the Czech Koruna (crown). It was so confusing trying to figure out how to operate within a different currency! I found myself converting back to the forint to compare prices of items. Talk about mind warp.

I’ve been to Prague before. I went on a short visit during my exchange term in the Netherlands. My most vivid memory of Prague was of massive culture shock when getting off the train from Vienna. Everything seemed so dirty and drab back then. But this time around, I was pleasantly surprised. I found the city to be cleaner and more maintained compared to Budapest. It wasn’t the sketchy city that my memory has etched into my mind.

Prague has the most amazing sausages and everyone was raving about the fried cheese (which I didn’t dare try), but it sure looked delicious. You can get them at food stalls that line Wenceslas Square. So delicious!


Crossing the Charles Bridge

Over the course of the weekend, the management team set our mission, 3 year goals and 6 month goals, along with putting together project areas. It was a very productive weekend. Somehow I managed to catch a cold while I was there which I haven’t gotten rid of yet.


The management team plus a random with the Old Town Square behind us.

Because I spent most of the weekend inside working, I didn’t get a chance to explore the city. But I’m sure at some point or another, I’ll be back! Though, I don’t fancy taking the bus again.