Transition Weekend

Over the last weekend in June I went with with the management team to Lake Balaton for a team retreat. It was a weekend to learn more about the company and to start planning for the future. We rented out a house that was only a couple streets away from the lake, but the weather was pretty miserable. It was cold and windy and it rained overnight. I was not expecting it to get that cold and was not prepared at all. It had been really warm in the week leading up so I expected the same, but the weather did a complete 360.

To start off the weekend, we headed to the airport to pick up the last member of the management team who was arriving from New Zealand. It was quite the adventure driving around the streets of Budapest and to the airport. Only one of us could drive a manual and we had rented out a 9 seater van. On the way out of the airport parking lot the car stalled right as we were exiting, where there is a arm stopping people from leaving without paying. There was mass hysteria as our poor driver tried to get the van moving again before the arm came back down.

For some reason we failed to print out instructions to the place we were staying. We knew we were going to Siófok, but once we got into the city limits, we had no idea where to go. At one point we went around the same block three times! One of those times around the block we got stuck in the middle of the intersection and had to back up. The look on the driver of the car opposite was hilarious!

Finally we made it to the house and we unpacked, getting ready for sessions. In many ways, the weekend was similar to a turnover weekend in AIESEC. It was a great opportunity for bonding and getting to know one another. Here are some photos from the weekend:

Siofok-6 Siofok-9

(L) The house; (R) Dinner on the table


Shisha anyone?


A new way of playing cricket!

Siofok-40 Siofok-38

(L) BBQ time!; (R) Waiting for food