When It Rains, It Pours

Last night I had the strangest night possible that got more and more ridiculous as the night went on. It all started when a Spanish friend invited me and a couple of coworkers to her place to learn how to make a Spanish Omelette. I’ve never had a Spanish omelette before, I didn’t know what to expect.

Her apartment is located right on the water overlooking the Danube river. This was the first time I had walked on this side of the river. It was pretty cool to see the Buda Castle and Fisherman’s Bastion from across the river.

Danube Panorama

We learned how to make Spanish Omelettes and the tricks on getting the right consistency while cooking it properly.

Spanish Omelette Steps


The finished product with some other tapas. The mushroom on the left was SO delicious.

Before dinner I was forced to try this Hungarian alcohol called Pálinka. Everyone has been telling me that I need to try this. Essentially, it is a fruit brandy. It tastes no different from other types of liquor, but it burns pretty badly. The kind that I tried had elderflower in it which made it slightly sweeter.


After dinner as we were chatting over the remnants of the meal, it started getting ridiculously windy. I’ve started noticing a trend where if it starts getting windy it typically means that a thunderstorm was on its way. As I predicted, not too long after, it started pouring. Lightning was flashing and the thunder was rolling. It was getting late, but the rain was just getting started and it wouldn’t let up. None of us had umbrellas.

Someone came up with the brilliant idea of using garbage bags and cutting holes for a head and arms. We looked pretty ridiculous, but it served its purpose.


Just as we stepped out, the rain died down a bit and we were able to get half way without getting too wet. But then the rain started up again and we ran into a doorway to stay dry and figure out what to do. Here’s a video I shot mid storm:

In the doorway there were some flyers and newspapers. We used these to cover our heads. We looked even more ridiculous, but any way to keep dry!


As we progressed further, the rain was coming down harder and harder. Randomly, we came across a dry cardboard box. And guess what happened? Yep! That box went on top of our heads. It was the perfect way to stay dry.


We got some very weird looks as we walked through the streets of Budapest. It was all a hilarious adventure and definitely a night to remember. Now I just have to remember to carry an umbrella with me!