TripAdvisor–Top 25 Destinations in the World

TripAdvisor recently released its top 25 destinations in the world based on public vote. Check it out! There is no surprises with cities like London, New York, Rome and Paris making the list. But I was surprised by Chicago, Las Vegas and Dublin.

I’ve never been to Chicago. I always thought it was just another standard American city with standardized buildings and not too much to see or do. But apparently its good for food (hurray!) and has a lot of history. Also home to the biggest science museum in the Western Hemisphere. Maybe its time to check it out.

Las Vegas just didn’t live up to expectations when I was there. There is so much hype and I think its just overrated. I felt the same about Dublin. It was nice to go and see, but I just didn’t connect with the city.

Of the 25 listed, I’ve been to 13, soon to be 14 when I go to Barcelona in October. Out of the top 10 I’ve been to 7 of those places. I’ll have to check out Morocco and Turkey soon though!

Vancouver made to the top of the Top 10 Canadian destination list though, and Victoria and Whistler is #5 and #6 respectively. Hurray!

What do you think of the list? Do you agree? Where have you been and / or where would you like to go?