Photo of the Day: Doggy in the City

2011-10-01 15.33.12

I spotting this cutie waiting for the tram one warm day on the weekend. Dogs in the city are pretty much allowed to go anywhere. I’ve seen them in bars, on the tram, on the metro, wandering the streets with their owners, sometimes even in restaurants. Most on are leashes, others are not.

Budapest doesn’t have much green on the streets. Not like back in Vancouver where there are at least random trees with grass around it or strips of grass next to the street. This provides ample space for dogs to go about their business. But not in Budapest. When dogs have to go, they just go. No nice green space for them. And most of the time, the owners don’t pick up after their dogs. I can’t count the number of times I’ve encountered doggy poop on the side of the street.