Fresh Faces

Today marked the start of a bunch of new contracts at SELTI. We welcomed a number of new faces to the team. It is rather exciting to see the people that I’ve worked to get here finally arrive and get settled. Its been a learning experience for sure, making sure people get settled in properly and aren’t too overwhelmed by everything.

Its also pretty exciting to see these individuals come in and see Budapest with their fresh eyes. Even though I’ve only been here for 3 months and I don’t feel like I’ve experienced all that Budapest has to offer, I’ve come to realize that I actually know a lot more than I do. Most surprising was running through the Hungarian that I do know. I thought it was fairly limited, but apparently its enough to get me through life here.

Learning how to give an orientation to the city has been interesting. I’m learning more about what Budapest has to offer and how to get people set up in this city.

The school year is more or less starting and there have been a number of course requests coming through. I foresee a logistical nightmare in the coming weeks. So far its not so bad, but who knows in the next few weeks.

As I type this thoughts are racing around in my head, moving at breakneck speed as a result of the high I’ve been running on all day. Orientation went well this morning and I’m loving the new energy in the office. I hope what I’m writing makes sense!

I’m feeling a lot more comfortable with what I’m suppose to be doing and feeling a lot more confident about it. Its nice to see where my work is going. Plus, I love meeting new people. I’ve had a pretty busy week at work, but its a good busy. I feel a sense of accomplishment because it has been so busy. Things are happening and I’m taking things in stride, figuring it out as I go. Its exciting!