Canada Day!

I celebrated Canada Day in style here in Budapest. My roommate, who is from London, Ontario, and I hosted a Canada Day celebration. We made poutine and Nanaimo bars before heading out for the evening.

We had almost 30 people show up and everyone said that they really liked the food which was a huge relief for me. I have never made poutine and I don’t even like Nanaimo bars. I find them too sweet. Everything tasted like what it was suppose to despite all my substitutions.

Did you know you can’t get packaged gravy here?! I went to at least 5 different grocery stores in search of gravy, but in the end I had to make mine from scratch. No cheese curds either, but I substituted mozzarella for it. I couldn’t find coco powder for the Nanaimo bar base, so I used hot chocolate mix and brownie mix. No graham crackers either, but I found animal crackers to crush. Its rather disgusting the amount of butter and sugar that goes into a Nanaimo bar. So gross. Now that I’ve made them, I definitely won’t be eating them ever again.


Frying up fries for the poutine.

Our delicious poutine!

Our Nanaimo bar “cake” and “candle”


The three Canadians!

I <3 Canada!