Hitting Up the Grocery Store

I love grocery shopping. Especially in a foreign country. You get to see things that are familiar, yet different from what you have a home. I was pretty excited to see what kind of items I could find in a grocery store here and all the weird names. Its a bit disorienting too. Things that are familiar, but different. They’re close enough that you know what it is, but different enough that you can’t be sure. Here are some photos from a recent trip to the grocery store:

2011-05-31 18.39.33 2011-05-31 18.39.42
Chips anyone? Different flavours like Praprika and Cheese.

2011-05-31 18.42.42 Cereal! Similar, but different

2011-05-31 18.44.12 Doesn’t this look like Becel?

2011-05-31 18.44.20 I take this to mean sale!

2011-05-31 18.45.45 I have Maggi sauce at home. I remember seeing Maggi products in the Netherlands, but forgot that they make stuff other than soy sauce!

2011-05-31 18.47.08 I found rice noodles! Woohoo!

2011-05-31 18.47.34 2011-05-31 18.48.06
Instant noodles! Asian style. I’m curious about this pho one!

2011-05-31 18.51.25 Their tissue paper comes with smells built into them. Weird.

2011-05-31 18.52.43RICE! Hurray!

2011-05-31 19.18.44Everything I bought my first trip. Cost me about $10 CAD.

After these first few days, my priority when learning Hungarian is going to be learning how to read labels and learning the names for food. All I know right now is that salt is “so”, ham is “sonka” and mushroom is “gomba.” The only reason why I remember mushroom is because those characters in Super Mario are called Goomba and are mushroom shaped.

I’ve come to realize that food here is more or less the same price as back at home which makes it pretty expensive. Fresh fruits and veggies are much cheaper as are cheese, meat and alcohol – essentially everything you would find against the outside wall of a super market. Bottled water is pretty affordable too at less than a dollar for a litre bottle in some places. But, once you venture down the center aisles of a supermarket, things get much pricier.

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