One Month Away

I’ve hit the one month mark of my departure. With less than 31 days to go till I step on that plane and fly off into the unknown, reality is starting to set it. I wrap up my job here in a couple of weeks and whenever events are advertised, I’m constantly finding myself saying I can’t go because I won’t be here anymore.

One question I get asked a lot is am I excited? Yes, I’m most definitely excited. Its an adventure and it will be very interesting and challenging trying to live and work in a different country. But, I’m also very terrified. A year and a half is a long time. Its not like last time when I went on exchange. That was a little over 4 months and then I was home again. That was manageable. This not so much. I worry over everything. How will I adapt? How will I handle being away from family, friends and everything that I find normal? Will I pick up the language? Is it safe? What will it be like working with people that I’ve never been in the same room with? (I even worry over whether or not there will be rice – I need my rice!) Its all very silly and I’m sure everything will be fine, but I still can’t help but worry.

In the past year that I’ve been in Vancouver, I think I’ve gotten pretty comfortable, and the thought of leaving all that behind is starting to depress and freak me out. I’m sad to be leaving all the good that I’ve built up over the last couple of months, especially as I’ve been making headway into the Vancouver social media scene and been exploring different PR avenues. By all means I’m going to be keeping this up while I’m away, but it’ll be different for sure.

The other half of me is thrilled about the opportunities that Budapest and Hungary will present; the things that I will learn and the people I will meet! The things I will see and experience. It will be so different from everything I’ve grown up with here. Its all about focusing on that and working through all the unknowns.