Trivia Friday VI

Last night I was at the pub quiz night at the Caledonia. The theme for the evening was the year 2011. The questions weighed heavily on current events and things that happened in the news. Surprisingly, our team did amazingly well. We got 48 points out of 60. The worst was we placed 4th which is just out of getting any of the prizes. This is the 2nd time we’ve come so close only to leave empty handed. But I’m determined that we will win something one of these days!

One of the questions we got wrong was the following question. The actual answer, once we found out, makes a lot of sense:

In 2011, the Hungarian government broke its previous record for what?

The Hungarian government broke its record for number of new laws passed in a year with 213 new laws in 2011. The previous record was in 2010 where they passed 191 laws.

The 213 laws passed were from only 98 days where parliament was in session which means an average of 2 laws were passed per day.

That is just crazy! But for some reason, I’m not surprised at all. Oh Hungary!