Arriving in Berlin

This marks the beginning of my series on my week spent in Berlin.

The flight from Budapest was so short. It was suppose to be 1.5 hours but it actually ended up being only an hour. I think we spent more time getting on the plane and getting off than actually in the air. I think it’s so silly for the airports to have a bus take you to the plane. We could have just as easily walked and it would be much faster. Probably for safety issues, but still ridiculous.

The train from the airport to the center was a bit unnerving and comforting at the same time. When I saw the train it reminded me so much of the trains I would take in the Netherlands. It was like I was stepping back in time to when I was studying in Maastricht.

I got a bit confused trying to figure out which train to take. My initial gut was accurate. I should just go with it some more. At least I understand how to read timetables. And it is similar to the trains in the Netherlands. I don’t know why Hungarian train stations are so different. Within 3 stops we were in the center of the city and from there it was a quick ride on the metro to our hostel.

That first night we wanted to do something low key so we wandered around for some delicious bites. On the same street as our hostel we found sushi, Korean food, Vietnamese food, and Asian fusion food. So much international food! It was like stepping into heaven.

We ended up deciding on Korean food place. We shared a beef bulgogi rice bowl and some veggie dumplings. It was like eating at home. Sure, everyone around us were speaking German, but the food itself was oh so delicious. It’s flavours and smells were just like those at home and were all things I missed dearly. I don’t remember the last time I had beef bulgogi.


My time in Berlin was off to a good start!