10 Things to Eat in Greece

Anyone that knows me at all will know how much I love to eat and cook. Traveling to me is about two parts: enjoying the culture (& sights) and enjoying the food. My trip to Greece was no different. So here are 10 things you must eat while in Greece!

1. Greek Salad and Feta Cheese

You hear Greece and what is the first thing you think of? The economic crisis! I mean, Greek salad of course! This is served with everything here it seems. I had so much Greek salad, but I couldn’t stop eating it. All the veggies were fresh and the feta was delicious. Every place did it just a little bit different, but it was all really good.


2. Tzatziki

Tzatziki was served with pretty much every meal we had. It tasted so much better than anything I had before. It was so hard to stop eating it. It went well with everything!


3. Gyros

Before I went to Greece, my brother told me that he had the best gyros in Athens compared to anywhere else that he has traveled. I feel Budapest has really good gyros so I had really high expectations for the gyros in Greece. I tried two places, and to be honest, it was a bit of a let down. I found the meat to be tough and dry and shaved so small. Maybe it’s only problem when its served on a plate, and not in pita, which I did not try.


4. Calamari

I love seafood and I especially love calamari. There is just something about the delicate and crunchy batter around the chewy squid. So good! And served with tzatziki. I was really looking forward to this and looking at the photo again just makes me want to drool. Yum!

5. Roast Lamb

Back in Vancouver, there is this fantastic Greek restaurant that serves massive portions of roast lamb on the bone. I remember ordering it once and it was so juicy and so fall off the bone tender. I wanted that again. The one I ordered came with a chunky tomato sauce and couscous I think, but the meat itself was really tender. Definitely must eat.


6. Grilled Seafood (like Octopus)

You’re on an island, surrounded by water. Gotta have some seafood right? Most restaurants have a selection of grilled seafood and while octopus isn’t my favourite thing, getting some type of grilled seafood is a must have.

Grilled octopus

7. Grilled lamb chops

This was by far my favourite meal of the whole trip. The lamb was cooked well, and spiced deliciously. So good! Must try!

8. Sea Bream (or any other fresh fish)

Freshly caught and cooked well. How could you ask for more?


9. Soulvaki

Most people associated Greek food for soulvaki. This is of the pork variety. Grilled and seasoned with a variety of spices.


10. Loukoumades

The first time I tried these delicious honey balls was at the Greek festival held in Vancouver every year. I remember my surprise and delight when biting into these sweet doughnuts and the bit of honey in the middle of the balls. I was really looking forward to getting these in Greece. Finally, on my last day on Crete I located some in a bakery. They obviously had been sitting on the shelf for awhile as they were not as soft and doughy as I remembered, but the delicate sweetness was exactly how I remembered them. Mmmm….

Greek honey balls

Bonus: what you must drink! Ouzo – the quintessential alcohol for Greeks. And if you’re on the island of Greece, you’ll for sure be offered raki to taste. Everywhere we went we had raki in our rooms. It was offered to us at restaurants, and bars. Everywhere! Tasted kind of like palinka. The first place we stayed at on Crete gave us a plastic bottle of raki to take home with us. I think its still sitting in the fridge. The local beers: Fix, Alfa and Mythos are nothing to write home about. Worth a try, but not really my favourite. Below, our shots of ouzo after an ice cube has been added.


What is your favourite Greek dish?