On Culture Shock

I haven’t had too big of an issue with culture shock. I was okay when I arrived. Yes, there are some things that annoy me (ie. random numberings of buildings, weird hours for shops, not being able to find simple things like coco powder), but nothing majorly drastic that people speak of.

I had a bit of a culture shock this week. After spending almost a week in Berlin and using the Euro, coming back to Budapest was a bit strange. I had almost forgotten how to say thank you in Hungarian. In fact, what was habit before leaving for Berlin, now required some thought before saying anything.

On Monday the team went out for lunch to say goodbye to someone that was returning home. The place we went to looked really fancy and had a very expensive menu. The reason we were there? The lunch menu. For 750 Ft (approximately $3.75 CAD) or 3 Euro you get a 3 course set menu.

The menu for the day was Hungarian pasta soup, stuffed cabbage and a chocolate crepe. It was my first time trying stuffed cabbage – it was so so good! But what got to me the most was the price! I had just come back from a city where 3 Euro would barely buy you a coffee and a pastry. To think, that same 3 Euro could get you a full meal was just mind blowing.