Hungarian Word of the Day Widget

This past week I decided that I need to pick up more Hungarian. I’m going to be here another year and a bit. I should know more than just the basics. I’ve found myself a podcast and various online resources to help me along. I’m going to be testing out my new phrases on my Hungarian friends.

I added to my blog a widget from one of the sites I’m currently using. If you look on the right hand side of the screen, there should be a ‘Hungarian Word of the Day’ box.


Today’s word is for station, as in TV station or radio station. I’m not really sure when I would use this. But its random anyways.

Last night when coming home late from a friend’s house we were searching for the bus stop of a night bus. One of my friends who is originally from Spain, has been taking Hungarian lessons. She was able to ask for directions and carry on a full conversation with one of the merchants in the metro station that happened to be open late. That was pretty cool. In a couple of months she is now more or less conversant in this ridiculously complicated language. Without her, we would have been so lost last night. Must work on my Hungarian!