Trivia Friday I

I’ve decided to start a new series in addition to my Photo of the Week that is posted on Mondays. Every Friday, I’m going to post a little known fact related to Hungary or Budapest. For such a small country (currently), this country is filled with history and accomplishments to rival some of the bigger nations in Europe.

To start us off, if World War III were to come, where would be the safest place for you to hide in Budapest?

Answer after the jump!

The Budapest Metro!

In addition to be being the first underground in continental Europe (and 2nd in all of Europe after London), the metro was reinforced and used as bomb shelters in World War II.

The original metro line, M1 or Yellow Line or Millennium line, runs under Andrássy Avenue and both have been named a UNESCO Heritage site in 2002. The Millennium line was built to celebrate the centenary of the Hungarian state.